Professional electro acupuncture for over 30 years!

Whether for self-treatment, combined with pricked needles or for therapy in the doctor's office or clinic. Qi-tronic is a tried and tested device for the professional stimulation of acupuncture points.

Operation is quick and easy. The impulse is modeled effectively.

With two device types, we offer the opportunity for professional treatment, for finding points, for diagnosis according to Dr. Voll and for self-treatment. With the Qi-tronic A1, frequencies up to 1000 Hz can be generated in different modulations. The impulse can be combined so strongly that it can be adapted to each patient.

With the Qi-tronic V1, a diagnosis based on Dr. Voll can be made. The display also enables immediate feedback on a treatment that has been performed.

Bodo Köhne, the founder of Qi-tronic, answers questions about electro acupuncture with Qi-tronic (with automatic subtitles from YouTube):

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